Our lives in Australia
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 Christmas in Australia Empty Christmas in Australia

Fri Dec 03, 2021 7:49 pm
Hi, friends from all around the world! We like spending time with families and friends at Christmas. Look at the photo! Isn’t the sandy snowman cute? Our grandson built it.
 Christmas in Australia Istock10
Unlike most of you, our Christmas is in summer! The weather is hot. That’s why we like going to the beach at Christmas!
 Christmas in Australia Christ11
We put on our decorations early on December 1! We decorate our Christmas bush instead of a tree. Also, we hang up our Christmas wreath on our front doors. Children write letters and give cakes to Santa because they believe they will get his presents!
 Christmas in Australia Xmasbu10
Since it’s hot here, we don’t eat roast food for our Christmas feast. We like having seafood and cold meat!
 Christmas in Australia Cold-s10
Are you interested in having Christmas in Australia? Come and join us!
Posted on 24.12.2014
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